Dr. Susan Malmquist

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Honors and Awards

Notable Honors, Awards, and Special Appointments:

   2011              Service Learning Grant Award Recipient, Instructional Consultation I, The
Chicago School of Professional Psychology

  2010          Faculty Development and Promotion Research Grant Award Recipient, The Chicago School of Professional Psychology

   2009             Member, Academic Effectiveness Review Committee, The Chicago School                                of Professional Psychology

   2008   Testified before Washington State Senate Healthcare Committee in favor                                of autism insurance reform on behalf of Washington State children                               and families

2008              The News Tribune, Article Citation - featured on Autism Speaks website

   2007              Board of Advisors Appointment, Academy for Precision Learning, Seattle

2006              New York Times, Article Citation

   2005              Board of Directors Appointment, ASTAR Center, Seattle

   2004              Seattle Times, Article Feature

2003              Scientific Advisory Panel Appointment, ASTAR Center, Seattle

   2002              Chairperson, Special Invited Address, International Association for  
Behavior Analysis Conference, Toronto

2002              Board of Directors Appointment, Morningside Academy

1995              Chamberlin-Wessela Research Award, University of Oregon

1993              United Commercial Travelers of America Scholarship Recipient

1991              Presidential Scholar Nominee, Psychology, Western Michigan University

1990              Psi Chi Treasurer, Western Michigan University

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